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Terms of Service



  • Before we go through the Terms of Service, I would like to explain to you what it is and why it is important.

  • Terms of Service serve to ensure that the relationship between StormBlock and the customer or user of our website functions in a safe way.

  • Terms of Service includes everything related to this website and StormBlock, and protects all rights and everything owned by StormBlock.



  • We sell already made products "Premade product"

  • We sell digital products, which means that the product does not exist in physical form.

  • When purchasing our product you immediately after completing the order and paying for it, you receive a downloadable file, which can be downloaded on our website, and you also receive an email in which you getting a message where you receive a purchased digital product that you can download within 30 days.



  • By purchasing any StormBlock product, you get the right to use that product, but you do not have right to claim the product as your property.

  • It is forbidden to take credit for the purchased product and present like your own work.

  • Sharing or reselling StormBlock product is forbidden.

  • Free or gifted content have the same rules as purchased content and you have the same responsibility under them.



  • StormBlock sells a digital product that is not physical, so immediately after payment is completed, customer receives a digital product that is immediately downloadable on our website.

  • After payment is completed customer receives an email message where he receives a digital product that is available for download within 30 days.



  • ​All purchases you make are final, StormBlock does not accept any refunds.

  • StormBlock is not obliged to refund money, but in some cases it may agree to a refund,
    this rule does not oblige StormBlock to refund money, only StormBlock can decide whether the money will be returned or not.

  • By violating the rules and requesting a refund, StormBlock has the right to immediately remove customer's license.



  • All content like text, images, all media displays and products are owned by StormBlock.

  • Any use that violates StormBlock rules and Terms of Service is forbidden and may result in the loss of rights and license to the purchased or gifted product.



  • By purchasing any product, you automatically accept Terms of Service and you are responsible for the purchased product.

  • By using our website in any way, you automatically accept all rights and Terms of Service.

Remember that StormBlock has right to change the Terms of Service at any time.

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